zohoor alriyf

The world of perfumes inhabits companies of all kinds, where perfumers who manufacture exotic perfumes with their own hands carry them to the international companies that manufacture perfumes bearing the names of movie stars.

We meet several times and from time to time with companies and individuals and we always want to enhance their work if they are making a real contribution to the world of perfumery.

That is why you will find exclusive collections from Dar, Leverge Shop, La Maison de la Vanilla and Coleen de Provence, as well as unique products in our stores, and in general our business interest remains in the distinguished perfumes, exotic essential oils, and body and skin care products that we only manufacture for our customers.

Visit our stores and get to know a group of perfumes of international brands. Zohoor Alreef has various luxurious international fragrances that are packed to suit your high taste. We chose international brands for you, and we guarantee that they are only available at Zohoor Alreef. It includes collections of previous fragrance designs and international exclusive and luxurious fragrance designs.